BASKETBALL-more than just a game to me !




the blood, the sweat, the tears
the laughter, cries, and cheers
fast break, shake and bake
pump fake, love and hate
five souls intertwined as one
if this game is to be won
’cause in this league,
it’s not about the cash
it’s all about the love,
not a paycheck, or camera flash
only four years to prove if you have what it takes
to be the Big Man on campus, cause you scored twenty-eight
“SWISH,” is like a cry from Heaven, as if God himself
came down and whispered, “Nothing but net”
the angels sang the “chorus”, the crowd can’t stop roaring
every time I hear the story, of that high school “Glory”

i just love it too much ! its me !


  1. rahul kulkarni said,

    i like this game but its too difficult for me and i am a lover of TT.

  2. alicia gabis said,

    i play basketball too but only once in a week ! 😛

  3. lucas said,

    My little bro is also very crazy like you for basketball ! you should get in tough with him,his e-mail id :

  4. chris barton said,

    i love football .viva lo fooball ! 😀

  5. aditya said,

    i love to play basketball bt m really poor on that…………bt i love to c it!!!

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