you knew who am i !

January 10, 2010 at 10:26 pm (i am not what you think)

Hah…you think you knew me…no i bet you not..the manish you knew was quite,not speaking much when needed,rather alone at times,with all but with no one..the basketball guy of the school..the guy with an attitude problem for you….

no f**k no….

that was not me, it was my stereotype¬† people…the real manish write rhymes in the night when you all sleep..yes that’s the reason for me being in school with no bath,because i wanted to be just on time…the manish played basketball because he loved it too much and this manish loves it too not because he is good at it but because this game made me forget you all around me ! that manish listened music because he liked it but the real is he listened because he wanted to escape your talk of things which never meant anything ! that manish used to laugh but in the real you cant even count the nights he continuously cried…yeah.he used to cry so much that sometimes¬† what you saw manish sleepin oh his bench was him hiding his tears fallin…

i am not here to explain you who i am,its just i want you to know that i am not what you knew me as !


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