life of a sex worker…

gateway, to the break place, pump and load up this AK
dark shades over the veins, never stop till we break day
data and facts, tell little its about the lack of the trax
females wimper, as male superiors, smack till they black
womanizer,bruises dont tell the whole story of the grim reaper
each day locked in the cell, soul evades, as the darkness dims deeper
slim, weaker, any extra baggage used to carry, is now no more tha dust
gasoline in the dish, flames in the bowl, labeled, the whore in the cuffs
lack of make-up, sense of beauty still shines brighter than the sun
asinine, cyanide, feels, as the liquids, mixed with the lighter, a gun
loaded clip, around the devils wide hips, same time, poisonous kiss
leads to more, track marks, and fingerprints, each linger hints
make a dash, burn from her rash, STD’s infectin her child
choked slammed to cold floor, it corrected her wild
body filled with lead, books dont always end with smiles and laughter
this particular story here, doesnt have a sappy happy forever after….

( this is the story of a every or say most of the sex workers )



  1. rahul kulkarni said,

    great rhyming buddy, keep up the work ! like it very much and are you from India only ?

  2. ryan jacobs said,

    how can you know what a sex worker feels ? i don’t care how you think that but dude this piece is too heavy to be handled and understood by others ! don’t you think so ?

  3. alicia gabis said,

    hey ryan its not that heavy as you telling manish ! hey manish its very good and don’t stop putting weight in the rhymes,light things gets blown away by the winds !

  4. lucas said,

    Alicia : light things gets blown away by the winds !

    someone else trying to show some rhyming here,manish visit my blog and check out the ruins section,and tell me what you think of my rhymes !

  5. chris barton said,

    I WILL GIVE IT A 9/10.

  6. Nathon Chambers said,

    really makes me wonder,how you know all that ?

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