me like none,you like atleast one…

i’m one of a kind
take the stage and get mine
no pen and it’s just my first time
to freestyle on line
poetially inlined
it should be a lyrially rime
to be this bright ause without the means of light i still shine
gather fake ms, put em in a single file line
and knok em out the box like slik rik, one at time
i’m a hungry m, no telling what’s on my mind
hallenge this and you’ll be 8 as if you ame before 9
my unique tehnique, destroys ya will to ompete
derease ya voab to 2 words, retreat and defeat
with or without a beat yo my ipha omplete
a lot of ats arry heat ause their mind too weak
i got a lot to offer, to this game of dropping rhymes
i’ll be bak to post some more freestyles on line… 😛



  1. ryan jacobs said,

    it would look good if you shift it to the top list of your rhymes manish ,or should i call MC manish ?

  2. alicia gabis said,

    i like the title manish ! its very rhyme..hehe…

  3. lucas said,

    yeah everyone is one of a kind ! 😀

  4. chris barton said,


  5. Nathon Chambers said,

    hey folks !

  6. Ceon Padrino said,

    me like none,you like atleast one…
    this boy got gun,people have some fun…;)

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