next september…

Im finally a senior
At a school i hate
Too many cute girls
Not enough dates
Its like why the hell did i wait
Or did it all pass me by
Even if this is just fate
I still feel in my mind
That I havent done enough
Despite all the tests ive taken
All my classmates tests ive graded
And all the tests that were tough
Its like in 10 or 20 years
Will i really miss these days?
I feel incredibly stressed out
And its cuz im not gets those 90’s
Its like this is my last year
At something some people think is great
Should i go for academics
Should i try to stay out late?
Or is it too late to make
Any choices to make me proud
Its like my classmates stepped all over
And im way behind the crowd
And if i dont get into college
I dont know what to do
For some strange odd reason
I feel i got something to prove
When all i wanna do
Is just work on being happy
All of us are seperating
I miss sitting down and laughing
I miss always thinking
“I got a few years left”
“I’ll try harder next year”
Which was good except
I never tried harder
And i’ve ran out of years
But i wanna be happy
So this is for my peers
I hope you’ve had fun
Even if i feel i didnt
This is for the papers that we’ve failed
Despite the words that we’ve written
And the parties that we missed
And the nights we dont remember
Lets try to live it up this year
We wont be here next September

wrote it in my senior year at school ! i used to read and edit it at least once in a week and now see what i have got !



  1. lia anderson said,

    very good composition ! ^_^

  2. ryan jacobs said,

    ohhh..great lines..happened with me at my senior days at my high school !

  3. lucas said,

    well i went to home school so i never got a chance to feel all tose stuff,well i guess it was good for me only ! 😦

  4. chris barton said,

    NOW ITS MY SECOND FAV AFTER wake me up when semptember ends !

    • chris barton said,

      oh sorry that was September ! 😛

  5. Nathon Chambers said,

    Chris shame on you,you cant even spell September !

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